Kronhusteatern’s Bar & Dining

The restaurant of Kronhusteatern hosts a feast worthy of the 17th century!


Skillfully cooked food and delicious wine, in a lovely combination with the entertainment!

Painting by Ulrika Wolff. Food in the 17th century.

The smorgasbord of Kronhuset – An appetizing summer dinner with wine or beer. If you wish to make a reservation, the easiest and most affordable way to do that is while buying your tickets, which you can do further down on this page. Wine, soda, coffee with cookie and sandwiches can also be bought in relation to attending the plays. Enjoy tasty food and delicious wine whilst enjoying the show!

When there are seats available, dinner tickets can also be bought at the gate.
Please note that the number of dinner tickets is limited.

The dinner being served is the delicious smorgasbord of Kronhuset

The dinner includes a glass of tasteful wine (red or white), water, bread and butter. When making your reservations, you can chose between the original or the vegan smorgasbord.

Opening hours of the Kronhusteatern’s Bar & Dining

90 minutes before the show* and during intermission, as well as after the show when you also get the opportunity to meet the performers and organizers of the Kronhus theatre.

*All days of show, and during the intermissions of The Bear and the Confidence Trickster.

The Kronhus theatre Bar & Restaurant has complete rights to serve alcohol, and there are always tasty, non-alcoholic options.

Get your ticket here!

Dinner ticket, wine or fika for the intermission

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